Identity Theft Protection

If you or your family becomes a victim of identity theft, iLOCK360 can Help.


  • The iLOCK360 plan provides you with tools to help you defend yourself and your family from the fastest growing crime – Identity Theft. It is estimated an identity is stolen every 3 seconds, impacting as many as 1 in 4 people.
  • Your identity is your most valuable asset, and, if stolen, can cause significant financial and emotional harm.
  • iLOCK360 provides you with peace of mind as it monitors and alerts you to identity threats.
  • iLOCK360’s proprietary technology scours the Internet’s black market, the Dark Web, 24/7/365 to identify if your personal information has been bought or sold online. You will be automatically alerted via email so action may be taken to address the issue.
  • The average identity theft victim can spend 6 months and 200 hours-worth (or more) of work trying to restore their own identity.  However, as an iLOCK360 subscriber, this service will save you time, money and stress. If your identity is ever compromised, you will have access to a US-based certified Identity Theft Restoration Specialist who will work on your behalf to restore your good name, so that you can get on with your life.
  • As an iLOCK360 subscriber, you will also be covered under a $1M insurance policy for costs associated with restoring your identity.
  • Dependent children are eligible for coverage until they reach their 18th birthday. Due to credit bureau restrictions, once they reach the age of 18, they will no longer be eligible for coverage under this benefit enrollment election.
What services are covered?

The plan covers services for:

CyberAlert is iLOCK360’s proprietary Dark Web scanner. CyberAlertTM scours Internet properties, including the Dark Web, websites, blogs, bulletin boards, peer-to-peer sharing networks and chat rooms to identify the illegal trading and selling of a subscriber’s personal information.

CyberAlert monitors:

  • One Social Security Number
  • Two Phone Numbers
  • Two Email Addresses
  • Five Credit/Debit Cards
  • Two Medical ID Numbers
  • Five Bank Accounts
  • One Driver’s License Number
  • One Passport

Daily monitoring of Experian Credit Bureau provides notifications for changes in a credit report such as loan data, inquiries, new accounts, judgments, liens and more. (Note: Children under 18 not included)

Full-Service Identity Restoration & Lost Wallet Protection is only one call away. Our U.S. based certified Identity Restoration Specialists do the work for you to help restore your identity, so that you can get on with your life. You don’t need to do it alone, we’re here to help you restore your good name.

$1M Identity Theft Insurance policy with $0 deductible, for expenses associated with your identity theft recovery. Covers costs including:

  • Lost wages or income
  • Attorney and legal fees
  • Expenses incurred for refiling of loans, grants and other lines of credit
  • Costs of childcare and/or elderly care incurred as a result of identity restoration
How it Works

You will receive a Welcome email at the start of the benefit plan year that will contain step-by-step instructions on how to activate your account. At that time, please login to your iLOCK360 account and setup all of the information that you would like to have monitored. iLOCK360 will monitor the features you have elected 24/7/365 and automatically alert you in the event your information is found on the Internet’s black market, the Dark Web.

If you require identity restoration services, you may contact (855) 287-8888 to access a U.S.-based certified Identity Theft Restoration Specialist that will work on your behalf to restore your identity, and if necessary will assist in cancelling and re-ordering credit cards, debit cards, etc.

If you sign up for Family coverage:

  • Your spouse will be provided the same coverage available to you.
  • You can also cover up to 8 children with Family coverage.
Cost per paycheck

iLOCK 360 (cost per paycheck)

Employee only                                $3.00

Employee and Family                     $6.50

Helpful Resources

Access the iLOCK360 benefits materials.

To activate your iLOCK360 membership, please visit to review the simple 3-step activation instructions.

You can reach iLOCK360’s Member Services at (855) 287-8888 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Email support is provided at [email protected]

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