What’s new for 2024

If you like your current plan, you can sign up for it again. However, remember—you must enroll to receive benefits for 2024. Your 2023 benefits will NOT roll over.

So what are the changes? What is staying the same?:

NEW: You must enroll, even if you love your current plan.

If you like your current plan, you can sign up for it again. However, remember—you must enroll to receive benefits for 2024. Your 2023 benefits will NOT roll over.


If you do not enroll by November 17, you will only have Basic Life and EAP coverage effective January 1, 2024. 

NEW: Vendors for 2024 coverage.

Several coverages will have new vendors for 2024. You can learn more about these offerings in the 2024 Enrollment Guides in English or Spanish.

  • Coverages for both of the dental plans will now be provided by Aflac. These plans offer different coverages from past years’ plans.
  • Aflac will also provide coverage for vision, accident, hospital indemnity, and critical illness.

New providers will now offer life insurance plans

  • Basic life, supplemental life, child life, and spouse life coverages will now all be provided by OneAmerica.®
  • A new permanent life product will also be available through Aflac
SAME: Aetna still administers our three health plans.

The medical plan will still be administrated by Aetna. The coverage remains the same except for some premium and deductible changes.

SAME: RediMD is free and remains ready to help

Telemedicine service is still available through RediMD for those who have enrolled in one of the medical plans.

SAME: Dependent Verification is still required

Dependent Verification will continue to be required for all dependents covered on medical, dental, vision, and spouse life. When you enroll your dependent, you will be notified that verification is required in order to cover that dependent on one of our plans. You will receive a letter telling you what is acceptable documentation and where to send those documents.

Once a dependent has been verified, it is not necessary to verify that person again. However, do not ignore any notification you might receive regarding dependent verification. For questions regarding dependent verification, you may contact our benefits administrator at 866-222-KISD (5473).

SAME: The EAP continues to be here for you
  • The EAP services will also still be available through RediMD for all employees.
  • The Disability plan remains with The Hartford.