No-cost benefits

The Katy ISD benefits package provides basic life insurance and an employee assistance program for all employees who are eligible for benefits, regardless of whether you choose to enroll in the medical or other available benefits plans. 

Basic life insurance

The district automatically provides $20,000 in basic life insurance and $20,000 in AD&D insurance if you’re eligible for benefits. Assistant principals and other administrators may be eligible for more. This is term life insurance. Sun Life is the provider for this coverage.

 Life insurance benefits pay your beneficiary if you die while covered, subject to policy exclusions. AD&D insurance benefits pay you or your beneficiary if you have a covered loss as the direct result of an accident. 

 You can add supplemental coverage for yourself, your spouse or your children. 

Beacon Health employee assistance program

Your employee assistance program (EAP) helps you resolve common personal issues before they take their toll on you. The EAP is available to all employees, dependents, family members and household members, whether you participate in a Katy ISD medical plan or not. 


The EAP offers guidance for some of life’s most pressing problems, including: 

  • Stress management 
  • Depression and anxiety 
  • Work/life balance 
  • Legal matters 
  • Marital and family concerns 
  • Substance abuse 
  • Child and elder care issues 
  • Health concerns 
  • Workplace issues 
  • Life planning 


Try the online self-discovery tools. 

The EAP offers online tools with trusted information on a wide range of issues. You can use the self-assessment tools and interactive quizzes to help identify and understand issues, then create an action plan based on your results. 

Work and life specialists 

It's a challenge balancing work and life. That's why you and your family have access to work and life specialists provided by your employee support program. Your specialist works with you to identify your needs and preferences, and then follows up with a customized referral packet. See how it works.  

Critical assistance during traumatic life events 

In the aftermath of a trauma, the EAP provides immediate confidential access to counselors who can help you cope with the related stress and mental anguish. These counselors are specially trained in mental health first aid by the National Council for Behavioral Health and are ready to help you through any mental crisis. Call 877-694-9281 toll-free. 

Legal and financial help 

Your EAP also gives you convenient access to a network of lawyers, certified public accountants, certified financial planners and budget specialists. Find out more about free consultations and discounts through this valuable service. 

24/7 Nurse Line

Call 866-222-KISD (5473) for free, qualified answers, day or night. 

The Nurse Line is your direct connection to a Registered Nurse who can help you find the health answers you need. It is available free of charge to medical plan participants. 

Nurse Line qualifications and advice 

  • Nurses have an average of 15 years of clinical experience 
  • They're specially trained to offer guidance in almost any health-related situation 
  • They can help you decide whether an emergency room, an urgent care facility or a doctor visit is the most appropriate action 
  • They can help you find an in-network facility close to you 

The Nurse Line is not just about illness. 

You can also get great tips on nutrition, exercise, weight loss, immunizations, smoking cessation, finding a doctor and many other topics that help you get healthy and stay that way. 

For any benefits question or concern, including 24/7 Nurse Line access, one call does it all.
Call us at 866-222-KISD (5473)