Aetna discounts

Member Payment Estimator

Go to Benefits Outlook and click the Aetna Navigator quick link to use the Member Payment Estimator. This is where you can compare cost estimates for more than 550 common services and procedures, from office visits and lab tests to high-tech scans, surgeries and more. 

LifeMart fitness discounts

Browse major savings on major brands for all your health and wellness needs. LifeMart is your association's way of saying thanks for your hard work and helping you keep more of your paycheck. 

Save money

Savings on everything from gyms to car rentals, gifts to groceries, electronics to entertainment and much more. 

Save time
Save time with instant, one-stop shopping—no need to run out to the store or search the web.
LifeMart app, anywhere access
Access discounts anywhere, anytime with the LifeMart mobile app*. Simply download the app and you can browse major savings on the go. Available for download in the Google Play Store and iTunes Store.

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