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What are the differences between the dental plan choices?

Both plans are PPO options—You can go to any licensed dental provider. However, you have access to a preferred provider network. You receive the same level of coverage whether you use a provider that’s in or out of network. Using an in-network provider generally results in lower costs because these providers have agreed not to charge over the usual, customary, and reasonable (UCR) limits. You may change dentists or seek care from a dental specialist at any time.

The Dental High and Dental Low plans differ in levels of coverage for different services. Review the Dental Comparison chart to see the varying levels of coverage for each plan.

Where can I get provider directories for the Dental High and Low options?

Visit the Aflac Dental website and select the link for Find a Provider. Select your plan and fill in the form.

Or call Aflac's KISD dedicated Dental line at 877-675-7277, Monday – Friday:  8AM – 8PM (ET).

Are there any waiting periods?

No, there are no waiting periods for either plan.