Identity Protection Plan

Allstate Identity Protection, is a proactive monitoring service that alerts you at the first sign of fraud.

Our tools find what others can’t. Get alerts for credit inquiries, financial transactions, new accounts, and more. If fraud occurs, our privacy experts fully manage and restore your identity, and our $1 million insurance policy covers any out-of-pocket costs associated with restoring your identity. Click here to learn more.

What services are covered?

• Dark web monitoring 

• Rapid alerts 

• High risk transaction monitoring 

• Financial transaction monitoring 

• Monthly updated credit score and annual credit report from TransUnion 

• Accounts secured with two-factor authentication 

• Human-sourced intelligence 

• Social media reputation monitoring 

• Digital wallet storage and monitoring 

• Deceased family member coverage 

• Data breach notifications 

• Full-service 24/7 fraud remediation with a dedicated Privacy Advocate 

• $1 million identity theft insurance policy

How it Works

Once your plan is effective, log in to your online account to activate all your features. Each additional feature has its own tab and will walk you through instructions to set it up. Setting up these additional features ensures that we can effectively monitor your identity for the first signs of fraud. The best part? Everything on your account is included in your plan, so there are no hidden charges or additional purchases.

To activate these features, visit Allstate Identity Protection.
If you have trouble logging in, or have questions about these features, please call 1.800.789.2720.

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