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Consultations and help with attorney fees

  • The LegalGUARD plan makes hundreds of free and low-cost services available to members.
  • Starting this year, you can receive help on a much wider range of issues, from identity theft to traffic tickets.
  • The plan offers unlimited initial consultations, up to one hour per calendar quarter, over the phone or in person with plan attorneys.
  • The plan covers a wide range of legal documents, including deeds, leases, affidavits and others.
  • A plan attorney will prepare a simple will, living will and power of attorney each plan year.
  • The plan also covers issues such as name change, real estate closing, divorce, consumer disputes, uncontested divorces and much more.
Covered services

The plan covers services for:

  • Office consultations and telephone advice – discuss with an attorney any personal legal problems that aren’t specifically excluded

  • Preparation of documents, including living wills, powers of attorney, wills, trusts, will amendments, codicils, mortgages and deeds of trust

  • Uncontested divorce, dissolution and annulment – available to you only, not to your spouse or dependents

  • Legal name change

  • Uncontested adoption

  • Traffic defense (including DUI) – defense of any traffic ticket or driving under influence charge. It doesn’t cover vehicular homicide.

  • Elder law matters – counseling over the phone or in the office on any personal issues relating to your parents as they affect you

  • Debt collection defense – negotiation with creditors for a repayment schedule and to limit creditor harassment, and defense of any action for personal or tax agency debt collection, foreclosure, repossession or garnishment, up to and including trial if necessary

  • Identity theft defense – consultations regarding potential creditor actions resulting from identity theft and attorney services as needed to contact creditors, credit bureaus and financial institutions.

How it works

LegalEASE provides both in-network and out-of-network coverage. The company pays for in-network attorney fees, so there are no claim forms for you to fill out. For out-of-network attorneys, you choose your own attorney, pay for services and receive reimbursement according to a set fee schedule. 

Helpful resources

To use your personal legal plan, visit LegalGUARD, click Log In, and provide the plan member's Social Security Number or membership number when prompted.

You also can call LegalGUARD’s Client Service Center at 888-416-4313 between 7 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. weekdays, excluding holidays. Provide the client service representative with your Social Security Number or membership number.

Rates per pay period
Based on 24 pay periods
Employee $6.45
Employee + family $8.34

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