Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment

​Financial support during difficult times

  • The district automatically provides $20,000 in basic life insurance and $20,000 in AD&D insurance if you’re eligible for benefits. Assistant principals and other administrators may be eligible for more.
  • Life insurance benefits pay your beneficiary if you die while covered, subject to policy exclusions. AD&D insurance benefits pay you or your beneficiary if you have a covered loss as the direct result of an accident.
  • Aetna Life Insurance Company is the provider for this term-life coverage.
Supplementing your coverage

You can purchase additional life and AD&D insurance.

  • Available in increments of $10,000, the maximum coverage level is $300,000 for life insurance and $200,000 for AD&D insurance.

  • During annual enrollment (if you were previously enrolled), you may increase your coverage to an amount equal to your base salary without providing evidence of insurability (EOI). Additional coverage may be added pending EOI approval.

  • New employees may elect up to three times their base salary without providing EOI.

  • Any amount over $200,000 requires EOI.

Spouse and child coverage

Spouse coverage

You can also purchase supplemental life for your spouse.

  • You may cover your spouse to age 65.

  • Your combined basic and supplemental coverage must be greater than or equal to two times the spousal benefit.

  • Increasing or adding new coverage requires evidence of insurability.

  • If both you and your spouse work for the district, neither of you should enroll in spouse life.

Child coverage

You may cover your children up to age 26. No evidence of insurability is required. Your cost for child life coverage is the same, no matter how many eligible children you insure. If both you and your spouse work for the district, only one parent can elect child coverage.

Coverage options and cost
Supplemental life and AD&D coverage for you (rates per $10,000)
Your age January 1 of plan year Rates based on 24 pay periods
<30 $0.30
30-34 $0.35
35-39 $0.40
40-44 $0.45
45-49 $0.65
50-54 $0.90
55-59 $1.30
60-64 $2.00
65-69 $2.95
70 $4.65
Supplemental life coverage for your spouse
Benefit level Rates based on 24 pay periods
$10,000 $0.70
$20,000 $1.40
$35,000 $2.45
Supplemental life coverage for your child(ren)
Benefit level Rates based on 24 pay periods
$5,000 $0.20
$10,000 $0.40
Naming a beneficiary

You may designate a beneficiary online during enrollment or anytime during the year. For information about changing a beneficiary, click here. You may also call Benefits Outlook at 866-222-KISD (5473) and speak to a customer service representative. Your beneficiary designation applies to both the district-provided basic life insurance and the supplemental life, if enrolled. You are automatically the beneficiary if you enroll in spouse and/or child life coverage.


If there is no eligible beneficiary, or if you don’t name one, the death benefit is paid to the first one here that applies:

  • the insured’s lawful spouse, if living

  • the insured’s natural or legally adopted child(ren) in equal shares, if living

  • the insured’s parents in equal shares, if living

  • the insured’s brothers and sisters in equal shares, if living

  • the personal representative of the insured’s estate

Filing a claim

The Katy ISD Risk Management office handles the claims for all beneficiaries. You can reach them at 281-396-2241. 

Taking coverage with you

If you leave the district, your life and AD&D insurance is both convertible and portable. That means you can move your coverage or convert it to a similar policy that you can take with you. For more information about portability and conversion, click here or call Aetna Life Insurance Company at 800-523-5065 for conversion information or 800-826-7448 for information about portability.

Helpful resources

For details about benefits and policy exclusions, please refer to the Certificate of Insurance, or ask for one from the Katy ISD Risk Management office. You can also call Aetna Life Insurance Company at 800-523-5065 between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. weekdays, excluding holidays.

Your cost
  • Myself
  • My spouse (to age 65)
  • Child(ren)

Based on 24 pay periods $4.94

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